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Cubs vs. Pirates – September 13, 2019

This was simply the best game of the season. Unfortunately, it was the last good game of the season. The Cubs dug a hole in the top of the first inning by giving up four runs only to come back with a five spot in the bottom of the inning. The Cubs went on to score 17 runs with Anthony Rizzo hitting a grand slam. This is the game that I will think about all winter. Continue reading

Cubs vs. Braves – June 24, 2019

Rain and a loss. Some days you just do not have it and this was one of those days. The Braves were in town and so were our Brave fan friends which made this loss a little harder. Despite the loss we had a great time with friends. The Cubs lost the game 8 to 3.

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Cubs vs. Phillies – May 22, 2019

After two cool evenings of baseball we finally reached Summer weather (on the most part). The Cubs took on the Phillies and spotted the Phillies three early runs before taking control of the game. Cole Hamels and Tyler Chatwood each pitched four innings before Steve Cisheck closed it out for a Cubs win. Continue reading

Cubs vs. Marlins – May 6, 2019

The unseasonably cool and damp weather might have been a precursor for the evening. The Cubs took an early lead against the Marlins only to have the bullpen give up the lead for my first Cubs loss of the season. Despite the weather and the loss we had a great time sitting in the bleachers.

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Perfect Storm Road Trip 2018: Wrigley Field – April 14

Atlanta Braves at Chicago Cubs in Chicago, Illinois

Pat, Tommy, and the 2016 World Series Trophy

Pat, Tommy, and the 2016 World Series Trophy

There is only one place this Perfect Storm Road Trip could end and that was at Wrigley Field. There also happened to be a not so perfect storm occurring in Chicago. This had to be the coldest game I have ever attended at Wrigley Field and most people were surprised they played the game. I usually do not attend April baseball in Chicago because you can always count on miserable weather and today was no exception. However, a cold and rain day at Wrigley Field is always a beautiful day. Continue reading

Christmas 2017

On December 09, 2017 we ventured down to Wrigley Field to see the park at Wrigley decorated for the holidays and to see the construction progress. On this overcast Saturday construction was in full swing and people were out Christmas shopping and skating at the ice-rink. There was even a bar crawl happening with a bunch of  people wandering around in their pajamas. Just your typical day in Wrigleyville. Continue reading