Road Trip 2019: St. Louis

It finally happened – Tommy and I traveled into the belly of the beast – or what is commonly referred to as St. Louis. Only thing we wish was that the Cubs would have shown up. The Cubs lost both the games we attended and made us glad we were headed back to Chicago the next day for a game.

When we arrived in St. Louis with Tommy wearing his “St. Louis is Boring” shirt I knew the weekend would at the least be interesting. On Saturday there was a two hour rain delay and people really took notice of Tommy’s shirt. Over ninety percent of the people got a kick out of it and many wanted pictures with Tommy. The other ten percent either just shook their heads or laughed. The best comment came on Sunday when a girl stuck her head out of her car window to yell at Tommy that the Cubs were “also allergic to winning”. We could not argue that point this particular weekend.

Did I mention the baseball was not the best. The Cubs lost after a long rain delay on Saturday by a score of 7 – 4. Sunday they lost again by a score of 2 – 1.

Next time we go the Cubs will do better and Tommy will have new shirts for the occasion.

June 1 – Cardinals 7 – Cubs 4

June 2 – Cardinals 2 – Cubs 1