Road Trip 2016: Atlanta

The Inaugural Baseball Road Trip took us to Atlanta. This was a trip of firsts and lasts as it was our first official road trip and our last visit to watch the Cubs play at Turner Field. I guess the stadium was just getting too old to play baseball in on a regular basis.  I would like to say as a Cubs fan that I can relate to that – I can not.

I flew down to Atlanta early Friday morning and has become tradition the first place I headed to was the Waffle House for breakfast. I like to refer to the Waffle House as a cultural and dining experience.

There are a lot of transplanted Chicagoans in Atlanta and a lot of Cubs fans that fill up Turner Field whenever the Cubs come to town. I have friends who have lived in Atlanta for years and many are Cubs fans with a few who like the White Sox and two who somehow became Braves fans. 

On Friday evening we heard the tomahawk chop a little too much for my liking. However, on Saturday and Sunday “Go Cubs Go” was heard as the W flags were brought out. 

On Monday morning before I left for the airport we did manage to have a victory breakfast at the Waffle House where one Cubs fan made the bold prediction that it going to be the Cubs year.