Perfect Storm Road Trip 2018: Wrigley Field – April 14

Atlanta Braves at Chicago Cubs in Chicago, Illinois

Pat, Tommy, and the 2016 World Series Trophy

Pat, Tommy, and the 2016 World Series Trophy

There is only one place this Perfect Storm Road Trip could end and that was at Wrigley Field. There also happened to be a not so perfect storm occurring in Chicago. This had to be the coldest game I have ever attended at Wrigley Field and most people were surprised they played the game. I usually do not attend April baseball in Chicago because you can always count on miserable weather and today was no exception. However, a cold and rain day at Wrigley Field is always a beautiful day.

I generally will stay to the bitter cold end of a game win or lose. This game was the exception as I looked over at my family and friends who came to the game and they were shivering from the bone chilling wind. We made the decision that we should leave in the bottom of the sixth with the Cubs down 10 to 2. The only warm person in the group was Penny because she was dancing as her Braves scored those ten quick runs. 

We decided to go over to Yatkzies to watch the end of the game after we visited the trophy. I would like to think it was us visiting the trophy that propelled the Cubs to a great comeback win. As we watched the game at Yakzies the Cubs proceeded to come back with nine runs in the eighth inning to go onto a 14 to 10 win. We were sure warm in Yatkzies except for Penny who was no longer dancing.



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