Perfect Storm Road Trip 2018: Miller Park – April 8, 2018

Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee Brewers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

pat, Tommy and Brewer fan at Miller ParkJust because I flew home on Saturday did not mean the trip was done. After trying to catch up on my sleep I headed up to catch the Cubs play the Brewers with JP, Kelly and Tommy. It was a little cooler in the Midwest so I was happy to see the dome closed and the heat on at Miller Field. I could not go on a baseball road trip without seeing my Cubs play. They did not disappoint as they beat the Brewers on the last day of my vacation. We always have a great time in Milwaukee where they have some great fans.

 We made the 90 minute drive North to Miller Park without tickets since it was a last minute decision. As you can see in the pictures we were pretty high up and far back – but we were in the stadium.

The goal by the Brewers was to only sale the tickets for the first  two weeks they were on sale to people from Wisconsin to pack the stadium with Brewer fans. By the sounds of the Cub fans I have to think they were probably disappointed in that plan.

Jose Quintana pitched another great game in Milwaukee and there was some timely hitting led by Ben Zobrist with a home run.